Oytun, M. (2021). Error quantification in crack measurement of building materials using terrestrial laser scanning (tls) [M.S. – Master of Science]. Middle East Technical University.

Refereed Papers in Journals

 Rodrigues, P. B., Singh, R., Oytun, M., Adami, P., Woods, P. J., Becerik-Gerber, B., … & Lucas, G. M. (2023). A multidimensional taxonomy for human-robot interaction in construction. Automation in Construction, 150, 104845.

 Oytun, M., & Atasoy, G. (2022). Effect of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) parameters on the accuracy of crack measurement in building materials. Automation in Construction144, 104590.

Refereed Papers in Conference Proceedings

 Oytun, M., Bilginer, B.A., Atasoy, G. (2020) “Assessing Existing Buildings for LEED Retrofit: Case Study of a University Building”, 6th International Project and Construction Management Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

Poster Presentations

 Oytun, M., “The advantages of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) utilization in the construction industry compared to Traditional Project Delivery methods” (2020). English Language Institute. 125.